Is it time to buy a Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for your home?

Access Oxygen aims to bring Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy directly to anyone in need. The wonderful advantage to Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers is that they are safe enough for home use and sometimes, this can make a lot of sense.

Two questions that might be crossing your mind already are:

  1. Isn’t that too expensive?
  2. Can I (or a family member) really operate a Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber?

Here is the scoop!

Mild hyperbaric chambers, also called portable chambers, are know for their portability. They are safe, easy to assemble, and ideal for home use. They are offered at varying price points, with units starting around $4,000.

In terms of operation, portable chambers have a simple design, allowing for ease of use. There is minimal maintenance involved long term, and the units can be stored away in a bag when not in use, saving space within your home.

So how do you know when it is time to purchase a chamber? Here a few guidelines.

  1. Are you already hooked? Lifelong fans interested in healthy aging can save time and money by investing in a home chamber. How nice would it be to put your dives on your own calendar, instead of having to coordinate with a clinic?
  1. Are you treating a chronic condition or do you plan to use mHBOT for longer than a few months? Oftentimes, chronic conditions benefit from ongoing and frequent chamber use. Rather than spending all of your funds at our clinic, why not invest that money in your long term health plan? Your body and wallet will thank you later!
  1. Will travel time or scheduling constraints get in the way of following an mHBOT protocol at a clinic? Depending on your condition, your treatment plan may have you diving up to 5 days per week for a number of weeks. If you have committed to utilizing a Mild Hyperbaric Chamber, but time is a major obstacle, consider a rental or purchase for your home.
  1. Do you know other people who could benefit from mHBOT? While a prescription is required for anyone who dives in the chamber, why not split the cost with a friend or family member and share in the benefits?

If the guidelines above resonate with your situation,  please contact us and together, we can figure out what makes the most sense for your unique situation. Our goal, as always, is to help our clients Access Oxygen!

What is it Like Inside Our Chambers?

What’s it like inside our mild hyperbaric oxygen chambers? “Heavenly,” is the term we have been hearing. In fact, so many people exit the chamber looking relaxed and well rested that our clients have begun to refer to the chamber as “The Relaxi Taxi.”

In truth, some people do experience apprehension before their first chamber dive. The good news is that for our clients, fears quickly turn to stories of healing and the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

One concern that does arise for some new clients is a fear of feeling claustrophobic. We hear this a lot, so it always puts a smile on our face when people pop out of the chamber raving about how spacious and comfy it actually is in there!

Our chambers are actually quite roomy! Equipped with big, bright windows, a comfy mattress pad, pillows, lights and a fan, the tranquil ambience neutralizes anxious feelings. Even if anxious feelings persist, we are right on the other side of those chamber windows smiling and offering support to help ease into a new experience. In short, the fears seem to melt away once the session is underway.

Time in our mild hyperbaric chamber ends up being something that most of our clients cherish. Time away from all of the chaos of life- no work, no traffic, no obligations, no kids and no external stimulation (unless you choose to bring a phone or electronic device). It is a time to give your nervous system a break. It is nap time or a time to catch up on your new favorite book. It is THE opportunity to let your body recover from day-to-day stimulation, environmental chemicals, and noise pollution. The chamber provides a space to heal, and a space to find calm.

In the end, most people tell us they feel right at home, which is music to our ears. We invite you to come in and see for yourself!

How to Make the Most of Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with Lifestyle Changes

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be a fantastic tool to help the body recover and repair because it provides the energy needed for the body to help heal itself. It is no magic bullet though, so in order to aid in that healing process, there are many positive lifestyle changes outside of the chamber that can be put into place to help yield optimal results that last. The true healing potential of our mild hyperbaric oxygen chambers happen when our clients focus on the big picture.

Below are 5 tips to help you get the most out of Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

  1. Sleep! Getting those ZZZZZzzz’s is essential. Our body cannot repair without rest. Try to focus on these 2 goals: go to bed early and get 7-9 sleep hours per night. Short naps are also encouraged! Chamber Tip: Many of our clients know that a nap in the chamber can be some of the deepest sleep they have experienced. So as you enter the chamber, reach for an extra pillow instead of your iPhone.
  1. Start with Water (and then keep sipping it all day long). Did you know that your body is detoxing in our mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber?  In order to keep flushing those toxins out, hydration is essential. Try starting the day off with a tall glass of water with juice from half a lemon. Lemon helps rehydrate the body and promotes digestion and detoxification.
  1. Get Moving! Regular exercise encourages circulation of the blood and lymph system. Exercise also enhances digestion and lubricates joints.  But don’t go overboard while you are doing your chamber sessions, especially if you have a chronic health condition. Chamber Tip: Chamber time is a great time to try out some gentle stretches! Child’s pose, anyone?
  1. Go Organic! Free of harmful chemicals, bursting with more nutrition, taste, and sustainable sustenance, organic eating is the way to go! Want to have more control over your diet but don’t know where to start? Try a small indoor herb garden. Mint, basil, thyme and rosemary all do well indoors.
  1. Exfoliate Your Skin! Skin brushing and oil massage helps to exfoliate the toxins from your skin and refresh circulation. Plus, it feels great and keeps your skin soft and looking youthful! Chamber Tip: Searching for the Fountain of Youth? Just pop in a Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to experience the collagen boosting and skin soothing effects. Our clients really do have that healthy glow- inside and out!