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Why I Am Ok Not Getting To Be My Partner’s #1- Self-Care And My Relationship

Disclosure: This article is a repost! It was originally published as part of a blog series for EasyStand. I would so love to expand my thoughts on this topic, as they are many, but for now I will just leave things where they are. Thanks for reading!     ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   I suppose I would call myself a […]

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Able-bodied sex is on the decline, studies show. Meanwhile, at the Poor House…

Attention! This post is about sexy stuff. Therefore, parents / parental-like figures of Ri and Dre should probably just go ahead and skip this one, mkay? Thanks!  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ And as mentioned above, today on the blog we are talking about SEX!! I suppose because…you know, wheelchair, paralysis, being GF to my BF quad lover… some […]

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We Don’t Miss Out On Much – A Backbones Blog Collaboration

Have you guys heard of BACKBONES?!? This aptly named and totally awesome 501(c)(3) non-profit organization exists to “help people with spinal cord injury or disease (SCI/D) and their families connect with their communities.”  This girl right here (moi!) totally digs a mission of supporting community connection. Therefore, I dig BACKBONES and the refreshingly delightful stuff they get […]

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Celebrating Life and a Different Kind of Birthday

1/9/2018 As it stands, we are 9 short days into this 2018 business and that fact means tomorrow marks Ri’s spinal cord injury anniversary. Yesterday, Riley casually referred to 1/10 as his “new birthday,” which I naturally understood to be his subtle way of telling me he needed a piece of carrot cake. You don’t […]


Summer Recap Pt. 1- No More Blahh and No More Barriers Because We Went to The No Barrier Summit 2017!

I’m back and I’m bloggin! Hi, everyone! If you were beginning to wonder where I, Andrea, went (Hi Mom, friends, those who have chanced upon my beloved Poor House…), the truth is that I took a summer blogging sabbatical. My late-spring state of mind, you see, as documented in this blog post HERE, was, what’s that […]


Woo Woo Poor House Health Intro

Written by Andrea Follow my blog with Bloglovin Reporting live today from my hyperbaric chamber, you guys. Excuse me now? Yes, you did read that right- I am actually inside of that thing Michael Jackson (my absolute childhood idol) slept in. Well… sort of. I can’t get into hyperbaric specifics right now because I have other things […]